Celebration of Life - Judd Juha - Shared screen with speaker view
Chris Hirniak
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The family would like to take this moment and invite you to refresh your drink for the Celebration toast.
Kathi Knise
there’s a wonderful theme here..Judd’s sense of humor, his love of live and strong Vilma! love all. of this
Nick Smart
yes this is my device
Kathi Knise
sorry -love of LIFE and strong vodka drinks
Chris Hirniak
At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. So if you would like to publically share please raise your hand.There are two ways to raise your hand. First is to use the raise your hand feature in Zoom. To do this click on participants and then the raise hand icon is in the bottom left of the participants panel. Or, we invite you to can do this the old fashion way and wave your hand in the video, our staff will call on you by name and ask you to unmute your microphone.You can also share here, in the chat.
I will miss a wonderful friend. Those were some great Bloody Mary's! Cheers Judd! Terry and Linda
Kathi Knise
Annie there are so many wonderful judd stories! I would love to “open mike” but will leave it to others... but dan and I will never forget getting lost on a sheep pasture in Crete, boating au natural, drinking bottles of ouzo and of course getting engaged with you in Greece. will never forget Judd’s hearty laugh. so many memories!
Linda Fischetti
Thank you for this wonderful celebration of Judd’s life. This has been touching and wonderful. We continue to keep everyone in our hearts and thoughts. Linda & Paul
Nick Smart
I would like to say so,e
Nick Smart
something pls from nicks device. cleo
Nick Smart
Carol Cobb
What beautiful celebration on life
Brigitte Meffert
Ich bin in Gedanken bei Judd und Annie! Liebe Euch beide!
Susan Kuper
This was a beautiful celebration of Judd’s life. Love you Annie!
Kathi Knise
so wonderful! thank you Annie!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Walt Mahovlich- Speaker
Wonderful to see everyone. Thanks for putting this together, Annie. I hope to see you sometime soon.
Botros's iPhone
from all your Egyptian friends, we will miss you Judd. Anne, let us know how we can be a help to you.
Joanne Juha
Annie, what a wonderful memorial service and celebration of Judd's life. We all will dearly miss him, his laugh and his humor. Judd was one to enjoy life and live it with gusto. Love, Joanne
Jason Juha
Great celebration of Judd! Great to see everyone and share the occasion.
Walt Mahovlich- Speaker
May we see each other soon at a happy occasion!
RJ Spalding
Annie, Thanks for the wonderful time to get together and celebrate Judd. Judith and Bob
Thank you for including us in this beautiful celebration. We will miss Judd. He was a wonderful person and we will always remember him. Anne we are here for you always. Love and God bless you. Marcelle and Lionel
steve williams
Judd, you were and always will be Steve’s best friend. You’d call and I’d hear Steve respond,”Hello Sunshine” and I knew the 2 were in their own world for awhile. Annie, we love you. I feel you and I can both say, “It’s been a beautiful journey with many horrible jolts along the way. You were there for him all the way. love you. Karen and Steve
Chris Hirniak
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Judd Juha- located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/judd-juha/5193
Ann, an amazing tribute. We will miss Judd's humor, his stories and jokes over dinner -- in German and English -- that made my face hurt by the end of the evening from laughing so hard. Every day I see Curly -- I remember him telling me not to worry about being unfamiliar with cats -- because Curly was bilingual -- she would be able to ignore me in both English and Arabic. Christoph and I recalled that we met him when we were dating over 26 years ago. Christoph was impressed to find an American who drank and smoked in their basement. : ) We will both miss him dearly. When you're up for it, let's have dinner.
Big hugs to you, Ann.
Genevieve Soares
Annie, what a beautiful celebration of life. May we all aspire to live life the way Judd did, appreciating every minute, bringing joy and laughter to others, and showing kindness to all. Lots of love. G
Chris Hirniak
We will be closing this room in a few minutes, please continue to share. Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Judd Juha- located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/judd-juha/5193
Annie, thanks for helping us celebrate Judd.
J.P. Moriarty
As my Mom noted in her comments, Judd’s visits with Annie were always greatly anticipated events for me and my sister. Later in life, Seema and I got to spend some time together with Annie and Judd. I cherish the trip I made to visit both of you in Maryland in mid-2019. I’m so glad we got enjoy some time together on your turf, as you always came west to see us. Much love, J.P. and Seema.
Chris Hirniak
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Judd Juha- located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/judd-juha/5193
Alyssa Parsons
Annie - that was a beautiful celebration of the life of a wonderful man. I feel so blessed to have had Judd as my uncle. Some of my fondest memories are the summers I spent with you both in DC during high school and college - an example of his legendary hospitality. And I’m so thankful for my last few years in Pittsburgh since my children also got the opportunity to get to know their Uncle Judd and Aunt Annie. When I think of Judd, I think of little Hugh climbing onto Judd’s lap on our couch to snuggle with him when you both stopped by on a Christmas trip to Cleveland. Love you both so much. Alyssa