Celebration of Life for Ron Gregoire - Shared screen with speaker view
Beth Agnello | Speaker
Camryn Agnello
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Clare Fazackerley
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Lynn McC
Hi Beth! such a great idea.
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Morgen Beth
Beth Agnello | Speaker
Morning, Carol, Clare, Lynn and all!
Love that picture of Ron
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Deb Lamothe
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Dawn Germain
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Kendra Lee
What a great photo of Ron! ❤️
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Ari Wharton | GatheringUs
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Ari Wharton | GatheringUs
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Hi this is Annemarie Egli
Leisa Aiken
Leisa Brown Aiken, Beth's colleague and friend
Cecile N. Yancu
Cousin Kathy
Dolores Dorsett
Didi Dorsett - Sad that I never met Ron in person, but was blessed to get to know him through Beth over the last year. Thank you for including me along a bit of your joint journey, Beth. 😎🧡
Hello. Cherne my wife and I, Allen, met Ron and Beth on or boat Honalee around 1996 in Bonaire and had many adventures with them.I am still on Honalee in the indigenous Islands of Kunayala better known as the San Blas Islands and have poor internet and cannot stay connected to Zoom.The two humorous stories that come to mind is my teaching Ron to spearfish in the Aves and a flounder appeared that has to be the easiest fish to spear and you had flounder for dinner that nightThe other is Cherne and I adopting "DO NOTHING DAYS" which we learned from you!
Barbara Ball
I'm Barb Ball, Ron's first cousin. It's sad to lose such a thoughtful and special man. Loved the stories and pictures of his great life!
Don Robbins
Don Robbins. I met Ron through Beth that I worked with at the college. It was funny I would go places like restaurants, Hiking, race tracks I would run into Ron and Beth. I have never seen a couple so in sync with each other. Always living life to the fullest. Ron you will be missed.
Martha Murphy
I will forever remember Ron for his graciousness and warmth in welcoming me to his home on consecutive Christmas Days to celebrate with Ron's and Beth's family and friends. On our last Christmas celebration together prior to the pandemic, in the midst of all the laughter and good cheer, I was presented with my very own Hawaiian shirt! I felt as though I had officially become a member of the Christmas Day family! That day was the last time I saw Ron--and Beth's father--a memory I will always cherish. The love Ron and Beth shared was palpable when you were with them--they were true soul mates. They shared their love generously with family and friends. I am blessed to have experienced that love first hand.--Martha Murphy
Stacy Waters-Bailey
Stacy Waters-Bailey - I met Ron when we both worked at DCCC and he always watched out for me and took care of me. He always stopped by my office to check on me and make me laugh. When he found out I accepted a new job at Forsyth Tech, working with his beloved Beth, he immediately introduced me to Beth. Again, Ron was looking out for me ❤️
Emily Lewitt
Emily Lewitt - Ron was and continues to be an inspiration to me. I will always remember his humor, his warmth and his honesty. I am better as a person for meeting Ron, Beth and Les, and I am honored to be counted among their many friends. I just want to express my gratitude for my friendship with Ron, Beth and Les. Ron, your memory will live on in the hearts of those you knew here on earth, for as long as we live.
Tom Hennig
Here's to Ron, the adventurer and the guy at the track who only Norm Demers could understand through the New England accent. I had no idea that we have so much in common from ham radio to NASA and race cars to the love of stout beer and dark chocolate. I salute you fellow veteran.
Ann Morey
Love from Ann and Brad. ❤️ Beth and Ron were our race car adventure couple role models!
Kristi and I met Ron and Beth through Road Racing and it was always constant ribbing and laughing. Being a fellow Marine Heaven has another great one to guard the gates. Semper Fi my brother and you will be missed.
Ari Wharton | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Ron - located here: http://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/ronald-joseph-gregoire/8914
The photos & memories were a joy to hear. Beth, I love you. Ron I miss you.
Carey Paige
Thank you for having us. Justin and I so enjoy being your neighbors. We will miss him dearly.Carey and Justin Paige
Deb Lamothe
I’m Ron’s cousin Deb Lamothe from MA and I remember long ago at Grandma Hanam’s house on Dewey Street in Worcester how Ron was dressed as a cowboy. I loved his costume and was jealous because I wanted to be Annie Oakley when I grew up! Thank you Beth for this beautiful service. I know that my Aunt Ellie would have loved it.
This was a beautiful Celebration of Ronnie's life. Thank you for including us. Such a blessings. Love ya, Beth Sherry
Valentina Diulger
Thank you, for the invitation, Beth. It was a true honor. Ron was a true example of how one should live his life, so unapologetically himself. He will be truly missed. Grateful that our paths have crossed. Love, Valentina.