Memorial for Lawrence W. Bassett MD - Shared screen with speaker view
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Lisa Watanabe MD
Here you go
Lisa Watanabe MD
Memorial for Lawrence W. Bassett MDZoom link:https://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/91000334808?pwd=S1d6VWlGV1N1QjhISGxjTDhMREEvdz09Meeting ID: 910 0033 4808Passcode: Gathering
Deni Aberle
My goodness what a beautiful child and handsome man..
Mary Kay Kendall
That was absolutely beautiful Dr. Hoyt, thank you!
Cathy Friedlander Cole
thank you to Nikki and Ann for such beautiful remembrances
Theodore Hall
Thank you Nikki and Anne for providing those special remembrances of Larry.
Debra Masako Ikeda
Nikki and Anne that was a wonderful tribute to Larry, so beautiful.
Daniel Kopans
Just an outstanding tribute to a smart, gentle guy. Thank you for allowing me to attend. Dan
Jessica Leung
Indeed beautiful sentiments and lovely remembrances - thank you very much for this event.
Jessica Leung
Indeed beautiful sentiments and lovely remembrances - thank you very much for this event. Larry shall live on in our hearts. Jessica Leung
Ken Chin
Fabulous tribute for a warm, wonderful friend!
Debra Monticciolo
yes, beautiful tribute for a beautiful and exceptional person. Thanks so much
Anne C. Hoyt | Speaker
This is Dr. Dick Gold speaking. UCLA MSK
stamatia destounis
Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute for Dr Bassett.
Martin Yaffe
We all knew about what an amazing person Larry was from our interactions with him, but it's sad that often we don't learn about all the other rich aspects of people until we have lost them. Thanks for inviting me to be part of this. -Martin
Steven Nusinowitz
I am learning a lot about this wonderful man today. During my 15 years in the Chair's Office, we had many adorably funny and honest conversations. He called me Minnie and I called him Mickey reflecting his love for these Disney characters. I will miss him so much.Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to this wonderful tribute for him.
Phil Evans
Larry was such an incredible person who meant so much to all of us. Thank you all for this wonderful acknowledgement of his great life!
Gail Hansen
A true giant who will be missed. Thank you for putting this together.
Paula Gordon
Clearly so much love and effort went into today. Thanks to all who put it together, and for inviting all of us.
Debra Masako Ikeda
He always called the residents and fellows his “kids”
Bonnie Joe (she/her/hers)
beautiful tribute
Steven Nusinowitz
above message from Deborah Hill (it says my husband's name on the ID...
Cathy Friedlander Cole
he was always kind to the NPs on his service. Inspirational to me and kept me in the breast world since those days at UCLA
Edward Ellington Jr.
Beautiful Heart felt tribute to an extraordinary man who touched ans healed so many
Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute and for sharing it with us so that we have the opportunity to pay tribute to our friend and a true titan. He touched everyone in our field and will be forever missed.
V Schiller
First rate tribute, thanks to everyone who created this event.Role model, teacher, and mentor. He will live on in my actions and my memory.
Linda K. Olson
An amazing man! A role model for us as breast imagers and a giant in radiology.
Cathy Coleman
Thank you Dr. Gold and friends of Larry for this touching tribute. Larry also placed nurses under his wings of love, compassion and high quality standards. RIP Larry from your nurse mentee Cathy Coleman
Darice Liu
Beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! Thank you!
JARON's Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
To a Highly Incredible, Intelligent, Kind man. Honored to have gotten to know him and hear Soo many of these stories in person from him. LB you were one of a kind. Thank you for the countless lives you saved and revolutionizing the medical industry. You will be missed, Be at peace Brother 🙏
Peter Eby
Thank you for such a personal tribute to Larry. His life is even more inspiring than I knew.
Marcy Adcox
Thank you for sharing the life of this wonderful man! He made a difference in my career.
Sherry goldman
This depiction of Larry is so well done! You nailed it! He was a wonderful, caring man who gave his heart to all!
Hannah’s iPhone
amazing person, friend, mentor,.. you will be missed very much .
Richard Ofstein
Thank you Larry for being such a great presence on this planet. Enjoy Heaven
Pregler, Janet P.
Thank you for sharing the life of an amazing mentor and friend. I’ll always remember Larry’s quiet support of me as a junior faculty finding my way in Women’s Health. Millions of women have benefited from his advocacy.
Darice Liu
what is the significance of the tiger plush?
M Rebner’s iPhones
A great role model with a beautiful soul.
Guita Rahbar
Beautiful memorial! He was an incredible man! He treated all his trainees with love! I miss him dearly. Thank you everyone for this celebration of his legacy.
thank you for all the loving efforts in sharing the life and work of an incredible individual whose impact on breast imaging will continue to benefit so many lives
Dear Larry—We love you. You truly made a difference in the world.
Mary Kay Kendall
A life of service is a life well and greatly lived! The generous & awesome spirit of Dr. B lives on..... Wow, so honored to have known him!
Kien Vuu
#legacy Amazing life
Virginia Kim
Thank you Dr Bassett for passing on your wisdom to us. I wished I had been able to work with you. thanks to all for sharing your lovely tributes
Larry was one of a kind. He will be missed.
McGill, Roslynn
Thank you for all the memories and love. I will miss you Papa
Marc Homer
What a wonderful review for someone who has achieved so much in his lifetime. Thank you !
This incredible turn out of so many friends, colleagues, trainees, and staff says it all about Larry's unique, sincere impact on them; indeed his striking impact on the world.
Mentor, inspiration, friend...heaven just got brighter
Robert Smith, PhD
This has been a wonderful remembrance. Larry was exceptional in every way, had such an impact, but mostly we'll remember him for being such a generous, giving and warm friend.
So glad I got to meet Dr Bassett, so sincere and positive.. Mary Stamps
Penny Butler
thank you...so much love
Ife Onyeacholem
Such a fantastic life that touched so many. Clearly built a legacy and family. I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for the memories.
Eli Bendavid
Amazing tribute! 🙏🏼
Lily Wang
Thank you all for putting together such a beautiful and touching memorial! So honored to have been under his bright sail.
Barbara Dumler
We had a hearing impaired pt. who could read lips and she laughed and said she couldn't read his lips because of his moustache.
Omid Bendavid
what an incredible man, doctor, leader, mentor and so much more. thank you for everything Dr. B. you will be missed 💙🙏🏽
Larry was my Dick Gold and parent to my kids. He made me who I am. He commiserated with my wife.
I remember at one of the UCSD Resident Review and Breast imaging courses in Coronado, I had to lecture following him which certainly had me quaking in my very humble shoes and he was so gracious and kind and laudatory to the contributions of everyone on the team particularly technologist which immediately made me feel at ease it’s a moment I will remember always
Sophia Apple
Thank you Larry for your amazing heart. You accepted me without any criti
Sophia Apple
You accepted me without criticism. Your warm heart and sense of humor will be remembered.
Pam Wilcox
What a wonderful tribute to a very wonderful man.
Shwayta Kukreti
Dear Dr. Bassett, I will forever miss you. You are the definition of excellent physician, a gem of a person, and a fantastic teacher. Thank you to everyone for this beautiful memorial with great memories. —Shwayta
Nazzi Yaghmai
Larry was a guiding light to so many and did that so effortlessly and graciously. Truly a legend, selfless with the biggest and warmest heart. Love you Larry. We will miss you and love you forever.
Paula's iPhone
Larry was my mentor who I will forever be grateful to. He was so kind , selfless and generous
Magnificent tribute to a most wonderful person. This event has been healing for me. Thank you.
Larry was so welcoming of me when I came to UCLA and we worked so well together. He will be missed.
Michael Linver
Larry was an inspiration to me, early in my career, as he was to all of us fortunate enough to know him and love him. May his memory always be for a blessing.
Ellen B Mendelson MD
Thank you for a warm Larry-soirited tribute--to Larry with love
Jason Pang
I will miss you and never forget you. To me, you are the pioneering Father of Breast Imaging. You are gift to me and countless others, and it my honor and privilege to have been trained and mentored by you.
Sonia Dhaliwal
thank you for putting together this beautiful tribute to Dr. Bassett and for including all us. Like so many others here, Dr. Bassett had a tremendous impact on my life, and I loved him. He had an amazing heart and his sense of humor was unparalleled.
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Deni Aberle
Who doesn't remember Larry during read-out sessions:
Deni Aberle
After describing a finding, Larry would say, "Well, it MIGHT be that." The rest of the sentence was, "but I _______ doubt it." And we would ALL laugh
Cheryce Fischer
haha Deni - I remember that! It was so funny when he would say that
I was coughing so loudly when instructions were given on open mic, that I couldn't hear them. Can I just raise my hand?
Amy Lex
Anna Marie
Thank you for this tribute to such a good, generous, humble man. It was a privilege to have worked with Dr. Bassett and to have known him.
What a beautiful memorial service. I will always remember Dr. Bassett not only as a legend, but as one of the most hilarious and heartwarming attendings I've ever had the privilege to work with. He was such a prankster and made working in the reading room so much fun. I will always remember all the pet names he gave us. For me, it was "Tranflap". I still use it to this day. I will miss you Dr. Bassett!
Mary Kay Kendall
Lovely Karen, thank you!
Mary Kay Kendall
Anissa, your vintage Team under the leadership of Youlanda was amazing, thanks for sharing!
Larry knew I was very gullible. He asked me if I wanted to speak to a few primary care doctors. He sent me to the Anaheim Convention Center to speak to 2,000 doctors. I almost died. lol
Deni Aberle
Thank you for the wonderful tribute, I had the privilege knowing Dr. Bassett at UCLA since 1986 as student and MRI technologist. My deepest condolences to Dr. Bassett’s family and friends and his UCLA radiology family. You will always be in our hearts and will be missed forever!
carol wu
thank you for the beautiful tributes. Dr Bassett was an amazing teacher ! The stories are bringing back lots of great memories!
Mary Kay Kendall
Mary Kay Kendall
Beautiful sharing the compassion, thank you!
Deni Aberle
Rich and I did musculoskeletal together. We both got that a lot.
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Deni Aberle
Deni has to sign off. What a fabulous tribute by his family. Such a great time to share stories and remember our Larry.
Barbara Dumler
He was a blessing to the world!!!
Wei Liu
When I was a medical student in Boston, I spent a few days as part of my radiology rotation in the breast section. It was a some of the most mind-numbingly boring days of my life and I thought to myself...I'll never be a breast radiologist, good luck with that! Fast forward to residency. It took only a few days sitting with Dr. Bassett, that I was convinced that I had to be a breast imager. His caring and generous nature and the way he showed how interesting and fullfilling breast radiology could be, made my career choice easy. Outside of radiology, we shared a love for the Beatles and he often educated me about many of the social injustices occuring in the world. I will never forget the random pictures of "piles" he would pull up! Till this day, like Obi-wan, his voice in the back of my head, guiding me through difficult cases. Thank you Dr. Bassett for everything.