Celebration of Life for David Kyle Langston - Shared screen with speaker view
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GatheringUs is the place where communities gather to support each other and honor their loved one.The microphones for all guests have been muted.There are two view options, Speaker and Gallery. The Speaker is the main view and your screen will default to this view each time there is a new presenter. You can switch between views by pressing on “View” in the top right corner. If you are on a mobile device, you can swipe to the left to change the view. For tablets and Ipads, the “Switch to Gallery View” button is on the top of your screen.If you or anyone you know has technical difficulties, contact our technical support team by calling or texting: 240-608-6037.Note that this event is being recorded.
Cara | GatheringUs Tech
Please feel free to share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.Also, feel free to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for David - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/david-kyle-langston/5913
I didn’t know that David played guitar, but I love that! I had fun with his dry since of humor and gave it right back to him. I do miss him at work, but his beautiful family are in my prayers daily.
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Teresa,Rachel and Adam, w
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what a beautiful and loving service for David. we are sure that he enjoyed it as well! thank you for letting us be with you. we keep you all in our thoughts and prayers
I miss David's smile everyday. I always enjoyed his company. I remember him telling me about his weekend one day, he tried a new way to cook a steak, which included putting it in the turkey deep fryer for a little bit. and when he told me it kinda blew up, we both laughed so hard. I sure do miss him.
Harold Lane | Speaker
sign her up for a contract, love it
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Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for DAVID LANGSTON - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/david-kyle-langston/5913
Tamika Butler
That was beautiful. Thanks for opening up this space for all of us and brightening it with music, storytelling, and love. Love you guys.