Celebration of Life for Ann Logan Elias - Shared screen with speaker view
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Christin Lunny
So beautiful
Nicole Vincent
Ann was a very generous and often hilarious woman. I loved chatting with her. She always spoke from her heart. She will be dearly missed.
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At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. There are two ways to raise your hand. To use the Zoom feature, click on Reactions and the raise hand option will appear. Or, if your video is on, we invite you to do this the old fashioned way and wave your hand in the video. Our staff will call on you by name and ask you to unmute your microphone.You can also share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.
Lisa Mandelkorn
Ladies that was fabulous! I can’t believe you are talking after that! And I’m so happy to see you are together today
Kay Beauliere
What a lovely celebration of Ann’s life . My Mom Alice Huiard always spoke highly of Ann and thought well of her. Jim is my mom’s cousin
Ann had an amazing network of people in the background at UW (the ones who actually kept things running). She used that network to keep the system off Tom’s and the HITLab’s backs so that they could get on with doing the fun stuff.
Eric J. Seibel
I was fortunate to spend a decade in the HIT Lab with your HITL Mom. Feeling very close to Ann during this entire wonderful service, thank you. I now understand Ann more than ever! With greatest love and respect, thank you all...
Konrad Schroder
The HITLab was the first place I worked after college, and I came to think that the tremendous organization Ann provided was just the way things were run everywhere. It’s taken me working for several other groups (I still work at UW) to realize how exceptional she was. Thank you for this wonderful service!
Vicki Orford
Miss you Ann! We'll always remember you and Elvis!
Max Wells
I am very grateful to Ann for having welcomed us to Seattle and the Lab when my wife Amy and I arrived in 1994. She (and Jim) introduced us to the best places to visit, dine and hike. She was always the glue that held the organization together, always ready to provide some needed perspective. Thanks to her family for putting this presentation together, it provided some helpful perspective.
Stacie Anderson
Christine was one of my best childhood friends and therefore, Ann was one of my “other mothers”. She put up with A LOT from all of us crazy girls. From crazy late nights to silly skits to our loud music, Ann was always there to laugh with us and love us. She always fed us well. I was lucky to often be invited to mostly adult parties where I got to enjoy her wonderful cooking and hospitality. Thank you Ann for welcoming me into your family and always putting up with my silly antics. I know I was a handful at times. Love you. See you soon.
Thank you for including us in this celebration of Ann's life and honoring her memory. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Love, Jeanie and Laurie
Cindy Hinson
What a beautiful ceremony! The slideshow was wonderful. Sending love and hugs, Cindy and Judi
Cara | GatheringUs Tech
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for ANN LOGAN ELIAS - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/ann-logan-elias/6511
Christin Lunny
I am so lucky to have many memories of Annie Fanny. They lived next door to us when Christine and I were born. My life is littered with memories of our adventures. Recently I made a Dutch Baby pancake for my kids for the first time and I remembered clearly Ann making these for me and how she had us watch the oven to see if they would magically puff. Love you.
The first time I met Ann was when she pulled up to Clyde Hill Elementary in the red VW van with the windows down, possibly smoking, definitely with her long brown hair and looking every bit the progressive early 80s woman. She was warm, welcoming, and nurturing from the first moment. She was patient as we performed dance routines for her and gave amazing backrubs during overnights on Erika's top bunk. She loved telling and listening to stories … and spent many, many hours on the phone or at the dinner table with my mom, Judi. She's a force and the family she created is her legacy. Much love to Jim, Christine, and Erika
John Stellberg
Ann has always been the “fun” Logan. She has been a tremendous influence on my wife, Mary. She passed along her love of cooking, infatuation with musicals, even her insistence on having a lifetime supply of boxes. Ann will always live on in my memories!
What a wonderful Celebration of the life of a wonderful lady and friend.
Cara | GatheringUs Tech
Virtual Reception Room following Ann's Celebration of LIfehttps://zoom.us/j/5077345198?pwd=enJkUDllb0JPTTROMjFXMzBTZnMxUT09Meeting ID: 507 734 5198Passcode: connect
Lisa Eul
Christine, Erika and JIm,
Lisa Eul
Thank you for including me in the celebration of Ann’s life. She was an amazing woman! I will always remember her cooking (of course) but also all the Christmas ornaments we made and skiing. You all look wonderful and I’m so glad to see you again. Best, Lisa Sweo Eul
What a heartfelt beautiful celebration of Ann's life. Words can't express how special this was. Thanks for all of your efforts and words, music and photos to honor Ann's life. Absolutely, Amen