Celebration of Life for Dr. Manual J. Castaneda - Shared screen with speaker view
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Glynes Benfield
Glynes & Bob Benfield, Woodside Church family.
Laurie Peretz
sending our love to all- Manuel will be very missed❤️
Carolyn Jose "Mama Bear"
I was acquainted with Manuel as I went to church with him at the Rio Linda location.
Carolyn Jose "Mama Bear"
...he was very kind. That is what I remember most about him. It was very interesting learning more about him today, this service has been very touching. Thank you so much for sharing his story. He lived his life well.
Pina Afoa
On behalf of the Oakmont team, I want to thank you for choosing us to spend your final moments with. We will never forget your love and presence in our community. Mary and Rosie, if there’s anything that we are grateful for, we are grateful for the time spent with Manuel. Although not everyday was perfect, it was all worth it. Being able to see the time that Papa spent on earth has truly warmed my heart. He will always be our Papa ❤️
Dan GatheringUs | Tech
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Manuel Castaneda - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/dr-manuel-j-castaneda/6315
Tina Llopis Peretz | Speaker
Tina Peretz tllopis@calstateteach.net Grandaughter
Eva Mae Baucom
We love you all, Brother Castaneda and Sister Carmelita were a huge part of our lives and their legacy, love, and passion for life and music will live on not only through his wonderful and talented family, but also everyone who met him. Thank you for sharing his life us.
Hope's iPhone
hope debenedetti ❤️
Charlotte Harris
Antelope SDA
From Sue Rodney Antelope Hills SDA Church.Manual was just a humble giving man. I'had many discussions with him when he wished help out the church. Their
Pina Afoa
We love and miss you Manuel ❤️ Love the Oakmont Team & Pina Afoa
Dawna Weiss's iPhone
Dawna Weiss 916-761-8431
Jeffrey Llopis and Mary with G-PAS Cats.
Deepika Marya
I met Dr. Casteneda twice, both those meetings were very brief. What I remember is how proud he was of his daughter when she got her doctorate (Rosie). It was in his eyes. The next time I met him in California when he had started losing his cognitive abilities. He was just as loving and kind as when I had met him in Amherst. Mary and Rosie are lucky to be his daughters.
Raya & Brodie Kinder Llopis
Raya Llopis & Brodie Kinder Granddaughter and Grandson-in-law
Annette’s iPad
Annette Sealund. my sincere best wishes to the family.
Jacquie Chamberlin
Thank you for letting me share in this beautiful Memorial ! Peace Be With Each of You! And So It Is! Namaste
Vianca Natividad
Brother Castaneda was always a bright light whenever I got to church at Antelope SDA. He made sure I always felt welcome when my siblings and I went to their house for piano lessons. They even welcomed us for dinner and we got to play with his granddaughters. Sam and I had the pleasure to spend a day with Brother Castaneda, Rosie and his pets to take some photos of their family. He was really sweet and made our little dog, Bon Bon, who was really nervous feel comfortable as well. We love him and will miss him very much.- Vianca Natividad and Samuel Lee(916) 718-2417
Anthony Velasquez
A beautiful service, what an example of a man, we love you guys! Lisa and Tony Velasquez
Eva Mae Baucom
Eva Mae Baucom, Swindon, UK; Louie and Africa, Levi, and Louie Dean Natividad, Sacramento; Vianca Natividad, Los Angeles - Fellow church members, piano students, ginger-snap cookie eaters :D etnatividad@gmail.com
Vianca Natividad
^ all the ginger snaps!
Leah Wing
I, too, remember having the pleasure of meeting Dr. Casteneda in Amherst when he was so excited and proud of his Rosie and her accomplishment of also becoming a Dr.! Leah Wing, Northampton, MA
Sherri Verzosa
Sherri,Vince Leilani ,Jeremiah and Micah send our love and condolences 🙏. God bless his rest .
Lydia Estevez, Josephine Durkin, Lorie Durkin.
Leilani Thomas
Such a heart warming and beautiful service in remembrance of Manuel.🥰
I enjoyed your heartfelt memorial service. I too am grateful to have meet a family loving joyful spirit human being. with all my love. God bless & comfort you all...
Ava O'Connor
Glad to see everyone. Sorry I missed the beginning. Night shift problems. Love you guys, hope to see you soon. Erica Rios-O'Connor
Daryl Ramsland
When working with Mary it seems so long ago. Over the years meeting Mary's Parents. Sometime I would be invited to go out to eat. I would always offer to pay for myself. But he would always want to pay. He was a very giving man. Seeing him love on his Granddaughters show on how much he loved them.
Suzanne Green | GatheringUs
A recording of this event will be posted on the memorial in two days.
Eva Mae Baucom
Before I go, I just wanted to share again how wonderful the girls’ animated story was. It was the most precious way to encapsulate each granddaughter’s relationship with him. You are all so wonderful, I’m honored to know you and your gpa <3 Take care always and hope to see you all again soon! <3
Roberto's iPad
This was a most touching and enjoyable celebration of Manuel’s life. Thank you so much for inviting us! It was most interesting to know that he went to Garfield High School! I lived in Alhambra, Monterey Park and I know the places mentioned! This is a very professional and wonderful Program. Well Done! We enjoyed the songs, reminisces and the touching stories! Mary you look and sound amazing E love you all so much You did great Angie, Tina, Melaka and Rays! Jeffrey, you did a good job with the video. It was wonderful to see you Brodie! We love you all!💕😍🥰