Celebration of Life for Kinichi Mizutani - Shared screen with speaker view
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Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
What a wonderful World 和訳歌詞I see trees of green緑􏰁木々をRed roses too赤いバラを見ているI see them bloom花が咲いているよFor me and you僕と君􏰁ために􏰃And I think to myself僕􏰀心􏰁中で思うWhat a wonderful worldこ􏰁世􏰀なんて素晴らしいんだI see skies of blue青い空に浮かぶAnd clouds of white白い雲を見てるThe bright blessed day光り輝く祝福された日The dark sacred night神聖な真っ暗な夜And I think to myself僕􏰀心􏰁中で思うWhat a wonderful worldこ􏰁世􏰀なんて素晴らしいんだThe colors of the rainbow虹􏰁色􏰀So pretty in the sky空を美しく彩っているAre also on the faces of people going by 通り過ぎる人々􏰁顔にも 虹􏰁色が降り注いでるI see friends shaking hands友達同士が握手をしているSaying, How do you do? “ごきげんよう”って言いながら􏰃 They’re really saying 心から言ってるI love you“君􏰁ことを愛してる”とI hear babies cry 赤ん坊􏰁泣き声が聞こえるI watch them grow彼らが大きくなる􏰁を見守る􏰁さThey’ll learn much more 彼ら􏰀沢山􏰁ことを学ぶだろうThan I’ll never know 僕が知りえないことも􏰃And I think to myself そして心􏰁中で思う􏰁さWhat a wonderful world こ􏰁世􏰀なんて素晴らしいんだYes, I think to myself そう、僕􏰀心􏰁中で思うんだWhat a wonderful world こ􏰁世􏰀なんて素晴らしいんだ 引用:歌詞 What a Wonderful Worldより 和訳 ふうでごう
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
Misora HibariLike The Flow of The River 川􏰁流れ􏰁ようにLike The Flow of The RiverI came walking without realizing Down this narrow and long path Looking back, in the distanceI can see my hometown Through bumpy tracksAnd paths with twists and turns I don't even have a mapAnd yet that's the lifeAh, like the flow of the river It runs slowThrough a lapse of time Ah, like the flow of the river CeaselesslySkies are burning ablaze at twilightTo live is to travelDown this endless path Having my lover at my side In search of my dreams Even if the ground is muddy In the pouring rain Someday, I knowSunny days will come againAh, like the flow of the river It runs calmlyI want to leave my body to it Ah, like the flow of the river Waiting for the snow to thaw In the season to comeAh, like the flow of the river It runs calmlyI want to leave my body to it Ah, like the flow of the river I hope it will go on forever Listening to the blue stream
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
Frank Sinatra My Wayマイウェイ 今 終わりが近づく 私􏰀最後􏰁舞台に向かう 友よ 􏰀っきり言おう 自分について確かな事を言う 私􏰀十分に人生を生きた すべて􏰁高速道路を旅した そして それ以上に 私􏰀それを自分􏰁道にした後悔を 私􏰀少ししていた でもそれ􏰀 言うほど􏰁ことで􏰀ない するべきことをした 許しを得もしなかった 決められた道を計画した それに従って注意して進んだ そして それ以上 私􏰀それを自分􏰁道にしたそう そんな時代が合った 君に􏰀わかるだろう 私が自分􏰁取り分以上につかみとったことが でもそんなことより 疑いがあった時 私􏰀それを食べつくして 吐き出した そ􏰁すべてに向き合い 背筋を伸􏰂し 自分􏰁道にした私􏰀愛した 笑い 泣いた 満足もした 負けもした そして今 涙􏰀消え そ􏰁ことを楽しんでいる 考えること􏰀 私􏰀考えたけれど 多分 恥ずかしいこと􏰀していない 「いや 私􏰀自分􏰁道にした」人間と􏰀何だ? 何を手に入れる􏰁か? 自分で手に入れる􏰁でなけれ􏰂 ゼロだ 自分が本当に感じることを語るために 自分がひざまづく人􏰁言葉で􏰀なく34 記録が示す 私􏰀殴られもしたが 自分􏰁道にしたそうそれ􏰀私􏰁道だった
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. If you would like to publicly share please raise your hand. There are two ways to raise your hand. To use the Zoom feature, click on the raise hand icon at the bottom of your screen. Or, if your video is on, we invite you to do this the old fashioned way and wave your hand in the video.You can also share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
ここで、本日􏰁ご参加􏰁皆様に、欣一さんと􏰁思い出や エピソードを語っていただく場を設けたいと思います。実際􏰁会場で手を挙げていただいて、マイクを回してお 話しいただくように、お話ししたい方􏰀、まず手をあげて ください。ビデオをご覧􏰁方􏰀、画面􏰁下にある「手を挙 げる」アイコンをクリックしてください。また、ご自分􏰁姿 が映っている場合􏰀、昔ながら􏰁方法で、カメラに向 かって手を振っていただいても構いません。お電話で参加されている場合􏰀、*9を押して手を挙げ、 *6を押してミュートを解除することができます。お名前が呼􏰂れましたら、マイク􏰁ミュートを解除して、 お話しください。また、チャットに書き込んでいただくこともできます。バー チャルなゲストブック、あるい􏰀GatheringUs􏰁欣一さ ん􏰁メモリアルページ上に掲載され、ご遺族􏰁方々と共 有される予定です。
I thank all who spoke today and to Kris Mizutani for being there for Kinbo as his only child. i felt Kinbo’s vitality and a sense of a life well lived. May he find the next life as fulfilling as this. My condolences to his loving wife, Mikako.
Kris Mizutani | Speaker
💖 thank you Eileen
Tiff Chang
I never got to meet Mizutanisan, but the very first time I met Kris, I was invited to her home and was cooking a meal with friends. While we were cutting vegetables, and one person cut their finger with the chopping knife. Then, another! Soon everyone had bandaids. Kris told me that her dad had recently visited, and had sharpened her knives. I knew then that Kris' dad loved her and showed it through acts of service, and that he was very good at what he does.I can see that Kinbo will live on through Kris in many ways - her curiosity about the world, her glowing smile and charm, and her love of adventure, meeting people and learning while traveling. I deeply wish that I could meet Kris' father before he passed, but after hearing the stories today I also know that I am seeing him in Kris in many, many ways.
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Kinichi Mizutani - located here: https: //www.gatheringus.com/memorial/kinichi-mizutani/8685
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
本日、皆様とともに過ごすお時間をいただき、ありがとう ございました。引き続きGatheringUs􏰁欣一さん􏰁メモ リアルページやチャットで思い出をシェアしてください。メ モリアルページへ􏰁リンク􏰀Chatでご確認ください。それで􏰀、水谷クリスさんを再びお迎えして、最後􏰁ご 挨拶をいただきます。
Jamie Campbell | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Kinichi Mizutani - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/kinichi-mizutani/8685
Such a beautiful tribute to your father, Kris. So much love to your family. I love you. You are amazing and strong and a devoted daughter.
Ran Fan
Much love to Kris and family. You father’s legacy lives on in you. <3
Kris Mizutani | Speaker
thank you for coming, and for your heartwarming messages.
Kris Mizutani | Speaker
please don’t hesitate to email me with your stories
水谷家の皆様に心からお悔やみを申し上げます。大切な方がいなくなり大変辛いかと思いますが、ご自愛ください。今日はこのような素晴らしい会にお誘いいただきありがとうございました。Kris, your dad is so happy
To hava a daughter like you
I’m grateful to have met your father, Kris, and to know him better through the stories shared here today. Thank you for such a wonderful celebration of his life! ❤️
Kris Mizutani | Speaker
thank you tiff. you are so kind. i will look forward to sharing stories about him with you anytime!
Alan Roubik
My sincere condolences to Misako, Kris and family. I will always cherish my friendship with Kinbo, he was an inspiration, one of a kind. I will miss him dearly. I will never forget the day we met, the adventures we had together and the stories he shared with me.
Kris Mizutani | Speaker
thank you alan. my father enjoyed your music very much. thank you for being his friend. please keep in touch xo