Celebration of Life for Brenda Denise McCoy - Shared screen with speaker view
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GatheringUs is the place where communities gather to support each other and honor their loved one.The microphones for all guests have been muted.There are two view options, Speaker and Gallery. The Speaker is the main view and your screen will default to this view each time there is a new presenter. You can switch between views by pressing on “View” in the top right corner. If you are on a mobile device, you can swipe to the left to change the view. For tablets and Ipads, the “Switch to Gallery View” button is on the top of your screen.If you or anyone you know has technical difficulties, contact our technical support team by calling or texting: 240-608-6037.Note that this event is being recorded.
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You will also find a copy of the event program here in the chat that you can click on to open. To assemble the program arrange the page in the following order then fold them in half and staple (if desired).Cover page faced down, Obituary page faced up, Obituary continued faced up, Order of Service faced up, What a Wonderful Smile faced up.
blessing to you the family of brenda mckoy! at this time i pray gods strenth for you! love the greenhoows
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At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. There are two ways to raise your hand. To use the Zoom feature, click on participants and the raise hand icon will appear on the bottom left of the participants panel. Or, if your video is on, we invite you to do this the old fashioned way and wave your hand in the video. Our staff will call on you by name and ask you to unmute your microphone.You can also share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.
god bless everyone! be safe!
lovely celebration!
Carol Protor Sanders
Blessings to the families
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Please continue to share memories on the GatheringUs Memorial Page for Brenda: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/brenda-denise-mc-coy/6254At this time, we invite you to join one of the virtual reception rooms for this event.These rooms are are individual Zoom Events that GatheringUs has available for family and friends to gather after, in smaller groups. Each room will have it's own event link and Meeting ID.You can join a reception room by clicking the room link or by entering the Meeting ID and passcode.If you are having trouble at any time, please call or text (240) 604-6037 and we can help guide you. The information for the reception rooms has also been posted on the GatheringUs memorial for Brenda McCoy
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1. Family - same as main room, please stay here2. New Rochellehttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/95908085013?pwd=UFNTblJMS2NMbVI2NUE0MzZBKzVEUT09Meeting ID: 959 0808 5013Passcode: Gathering3. Post Officehttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/92575515617?pwd=Y0FRbU54ZjRsaXhiWXpXNytBZWIxQT09Meeting ID: 925 7551 5617Passcode: Gathering4. Friendshttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/94988989434?pwd=YUx5RGpvWjFIZUlZMGYwUllxN2FKdz09Meeting ID: 949 8898 9434Passcode: Gathering
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Praying for comfort and peace for the family. God bless you all.
Debra Boyd
Beautiful services. Prayers and condolences to BB's family.
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condolences from Tracey Dixon&family
Sending my love and condolences to all.
Thank you all for your kind words of condolences and prayers.
Andrea Felix
Beautiful service. God bless everyone. Rest in peace aunt BB
blessing my family will miss and cherish brenda memories we have been neighbors 20 years !
Rest In Peace Aunt BB. I love you ❤️ this was a very nice service
Sending my love, prayers, and condolences to the family. Auntie BB thank you for all off the laughter, pranks, joy, inspirational messages that we shared on FB messenger and the love you always showed me. I will forever love and miss you.
We will always carry on your memories with us forever ♾ Thank you for being sooo wonderful and sweet