Memorial for Lehze Flax - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave Billingsley & Amy Walters | Speaker
Melissa | GatheringUs
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St thomas
Thank you Ruthie!!
Erika Munter
Thank you Ruth!
Ms. Wink She/Her
That was beautiful, Octavia.
Stacey Watson
Nailed it, Octavia..
Lindsey Martinez
Thank you Octavia ❤️
Jacqueline Baldini
Ms. Wink She/Her
Thank you, Kelly.
Todd Ensley
So Beautiful!!!!
Jim & Claire Alexander
Beautiful Kelly, thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I am friends with Ruth and know that this loss is unbearable. I send all my love and positive vibes to everyone participating in this memorial.
Kate Wise
It was fun for us too <3
St thomas
Thank you Steve. Much love to you.
St thomas
Thank you Ruth. You are a light.
I only knew Lehze as a kid in our early teens. We lived close to each other in Chestnut Hill and went to Winsor together - she was a year ahead of me. Thank you for sharing your adventures, stories, histories and connections so those of us who lost touch, can reconnect with this amazing woman. Sending everyone much to love to all her and those who are not. Xo Jennifer McCullen Howald
Mary Kyle | Speaker
Thank you ruth for putting this together . mu
Mary Kyle | Speaker
Beautiful ruth. Thank you
Melissa | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Lehze - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/lehze-flax/8308
Melissa | GatheringUs
At this time, we invite you to join one of the virtual reception rooms for this event.These rooms are are individual Zoom Events that GatheringUs has available for family and friends to gather after, in smaller groups. Each room will have it's own event link and Meeting ID.You can join a reception room by clicking the room link or by entering the Meeting ID and passcode.
Erika Munter
Thanks beautiful Lehze for your light and thank you all for sharing your stories. Love to all.
Melissa | GatheringUs
If you are having trouble at any time, please call or text (240) 604-6037 and we can help guide you. The information for the reception rooms has also been posted on the GatheringUs memorial for Lehze.Betsy - stay here, we will begin shortlyLehzehttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/94261227185?pwd=LzdPemIxMnRQcUtLcThCTUdGVUlGQT09Meeting ID: 942 6122 7185Passcode: GatheringSecond Linehttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/94699637454?pwd=bEI3Y3FueXRQaUZ4M1RBeEMrZFgzZz09Meeting ID: 946 9963 7454Passcode: Gathering
Melissa | GatheringUs
Second Linehttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/94699637454?pwd=bEI3Y3FueXRQaUZ4M1RBeEMrZFgzZz09Meeting ID: 946 9963 7454Passcode: Gathering
Thank you for putting this together; thank you for all of you who spoke and shared your beautiful, wild and moving stories - all like Lehze herself. I count myself lucky for having known her
Claudia McKinney
thank you for sharing, what a force, she will be missed... Gandhi seemed to recognize some of the voices