Celebration of Life for Leah Rice - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa | GatheringUs
GatheringUs is the place where communities gather to support each other and honor their loved one.The microphones for all guests have been muted.There are two view options, Speaker and Gallery. The Speaker is the main view and your screen will default to this view each time there is a new presenter. You can switch between views by pressing on “View” in the top right corner. If you are on a mobile device, you can swipe to the left to change the view. For tablets and Ipads, the “Switch to Gallery View” button is on the top of your screen.If you or anyone you know has technical difficulties, contact our technical support team by calling or texting: 240-608-6037.Note that this event is being recorded.
we cant hear you
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At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. There are two ways to raise your hand. To use the Zoom feature, click on participants and the raise hand icon will appear on the bottom left of the participants panel. Or, if your video is on, we invite you to do this the old fashioned way and wave your hand in the video. Our staff will call on you by name and ask you to unmute your microphone.You can also share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.
Matthew Travis
We miss you so much Leah
Kathleen Edelman
Slim, Kathy, Erin Edelman from Tucson AZ
Sending love to the Shofron and Rice families. Love, karl and Theo Singh ❤️🙏🏻
Love you Leah. Miss you.
Jennifer Ruhl
Sending healing prayers, peace and love to all of you.
Helen’s iPhone
Mary Elizabeth FryeDo not stand at my grave and weepI am not there, I do not sleepI am a thousand winds that blowI am the diamond glints on snowI am the sunlight on ripened grainI am the gentle autumn rain.
Sending endless love & light 💗 to you. Maya (Tarantal) Luria
Terry Shofron
Leah will leave a large void in our family. She was the glue of this family. Love Terry
Helen’s iPhone
Victor FranklWe cannot, after all, judge a biography by its length, by the number of pages in it;We must judge by the richness of the contents…Sometimes the “unfinisheds” are among the most beautiful symphonies
Myra Tuggle
I knew Leah most when she was growing up in Tucson, but reconnected when she got married and later after Parker came into her life. what a precocious child she was and a wonderful woman, wife and mother she became.
Helen’s iPhone
EE CummingsI carry your heart with me(I carry it in my heart)I am never without itAnywhere I go, you go my dearAnd whatever is done by only me is your doingMy darling…Leah
Sending love and light Coppelia Tarantal
I love you friend. Going to miss your laugh, your judgy face judging me, knowing you have my back through my best and worst times.
Sending love and hugs to the Shofron and Rice families 💗 Elizabeth Forsyth
Simon Little
Leah was thoughtful, caring and loving while also being one of the strongest people I have known. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss and the whole family is in my thoughts.
Sonia Kozlowski
I keep picking up my phone to send you a message and quickly catch myself. I just can’t believe it. I will miss you forever.
HP i5 4th 2.5GHZ
Leah, your beautiful light, love, laughter and smile will be so very missed, and never forgotten. Sending love to all your family. And Leah, you were right. You so should have won that competition!
Melissa | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Leah - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/leah-rice/8517
Amy Welander
We played together as kids. I will always remember you as full of love and life. Amy (Simon) Welander
Melissa | GatheringUs
At this time, we invite you to join one of the virtual reception rooms for this event.These rooms are are individual Zoom Events that GatheringUs has available for family and friends to gather after, in smaller groups. Each room will have it's own event link and Meeting ID.You can join a reception room by clicking the room link or by entering the Meeting ID and passcode.If you are having trouble at any time, please call or text (240) 604-6037 and we can help guide you. The information for the reception rooms has also been posted on the GatheringUs memorial for Leah.
Jo Lyn Isais
Hello Handsome Parker. I see your mom in you so much after seeing all these pictures of her today!
Jerry Hanley
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
Melissa | GatheringUs
Please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Leah - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/leah-rice/8517Work Reception Roomhttps://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/97801519251?pwd=VUhOaDZuS3hFUHpSQW5ra29NVm4rQT09Meeting ID: 978 0151 9251Passcode: GatheringKids Reception Room:https://gatheringus.zoom.us/j/91465981759?pwd=d0J2U2lyQ09VYjYwaUFnZGpQcXVBUT09Meeting ID: 914 6598 1759Passcode: Gathering
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If you or anyone you know has technical difficulties, contact our technical support team by calling or texting: 240-608-6037.
Sending lots of love and support during this time. XOXO
Sending lots of love to all...
Melanie Garcia
Sending love from the Garcia's.
Our love to Leah, Rest In Peace. Our condolences to everyone from Charles and Katarina, Chuck and Carol and the entire Parker Family