Remembering Fay Chew Matsuda - Shared screen with speaker view
victor huey
Hang in there Carl!
victor huey
yo Henry how ya been long time no see
arthur soon
Midori Matsuda
Gretchen here. Love to Karl and Amy, Bevis and Miles. You all picked great music. The Colorado Matsudas are with you in spirit.
Susan Yung
Hi Takashi Yanagida
Melissa Enright
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Bob Hsiang
Greetings from San Francisco! Remembering Fay’s great spirit and love for community. Hello to all dear NYC friends we met back in the early 1970’s.
Susan Yung
Hi Bob Hsiang
Greetings from Seattle. Fay was an inspiration for the community-based museum model at the Wing Luke Museum. Our hearts are broken by her passing.
Shaun’s iPhone
Our deepest condolences from Shaun and Lisa to Uncle Carl, Amy and family. she was always so kind since I was a child
Laura's iPad
this is so great to see everyone. we are all here for you Karl & Amy
Sending sincere condolences to the Family. Darlene W.
Sooooo sweet, Lillian!!!
christina ong
Lynne, you’re still on mute!
Lillian - Such a beautiful and moving remembrance of Fay and your friendship! I loved the photos too.! Audee
Sokie2Me NYC
Deep condolences to the family and close friends of Fay.
arthur soon
great job Lillian
love you Aunt Fay. Amy and Karl I hope you are holding up well ♥️
June Jee
Yes. the house that Fay built! Thanks Cynthia.
so true cynthia - for a girl from LA, Fay welcomed me part of the moca family and gave me a home and community
Peter Cheng
My condolences to Fay's family and friends. I treasure my experience having worked with Fay and did my share for MOCA. Her work will live on.
June Jee
well expressed, Cynthia! Thank you!
How appropriate for the present times-DW-NYC
June Jee
Hi Isabel
Michelle Chen
Thank you for that beautiful tribute, Cynthia! Everything you said rings so true and captures Fay's spirit so well. I feel so privileged to have worked with her even if just for a couple of years.
would love a list of her favorite Chinatown restaurants
Tomie Arai
Thanks for that beautiful tribute, Cynthia. And wonderful slide show and interview—thank youLillian, Arlan and Ray.
Amy Chen
Lynne- thank you for doing this. Cynthia - it is so nice to see you and thank you for your wonderful tribute. Also to Lillian for all the wonderful memories and photos. -Amy Chen
Mieko Merle
Thank you Lillian, and so true! Fay made all her girl friends feel special!. Remembering her household advice which I still follow....always buy thin kitchen towels which dry things better. Get the perfectly-sized fish sponge which clean best and fit the hand perfectly. Stuff like that! Missing Fay.....
Such a wonderful, big smile!!
Alice Chan
Isabel, Fay knows HMH is in good hands with you.. Amy, look at you! Reminds me of our childhood.. Miss you, Fay and that amazing smile…
fabiana chiu
Fay was such a force of nature. She lived not one, but many lives. And she enriched our lives so deeply. What a class act. Thank you Karl and Amy for sharing Fay with us.
I will miss you, Fay! So many years of great memories, from teaching dance to you, Lisa, Stella, Lillian! And all those meals together over all these years!! Condolences to Amy, Karl, and family!
Richard L
We were blessed to have known Fay!
How nice-DW-NYC
June Jee
so blessed to know Fay.
Michelle Chen
Karl and Amy, thank you for that wonderful and moving slideshow. My deepest condolences to you and the family. She was an amazing person who touched so many lives.
Debby Lowenstein
I feel so lucky to call her my friend
Wonderful to see pix of Min Matsuda and TaK IIjima. They will welcome Fay to her new stage of existence.
Ed Lai
Thank you Karl and Amy for a beautiful slideshow! Great memories!
Sokie2Me NYC
BEAUTIFUL MEMORIAL for a beautiful soul.
Roseann Caceres
Her amazing smile!!!!!
Thank you, Holly!
Ed Lai
Thank you Holly!
June Jee
Thank you Karl and Amy for the beautiful slideshow.
Isabel Ching | Speaker 4
The tribute was beautiful Holly...
Michael Speier
beautiful zoom memorial Amy & Karl!
Harold Appel
Yes. I just knew her smile. Warm and gentle and radiant.
Allen Weitzman
thank you for including me in this beautiful memorial. must leave or our carswill rip me to shreds
christina ong
Such beautiful photos and memories shared. Thank you to all who have shared their memories with us. It is so apparent how much joy and love Fay spread around the community. Sending Karl, Amy, and all of Fay’s friends & family so much love.
Roseann Caceres
Holly , beautiful tribute!
to share fay
Hi Karl and Amy, On our drive to Canada, I had a 70's songs CD box set in my CD player, and Fay, Isabel, and Wai Ling would sing along with the songs (I don't sing, I'm lousy). Fay knew so much about the songs. I can't listen to a song from the 70's without thinking of Fay!
Tomie Arai
Fay will always be the soul and spirit of MoCA; a community space that was so much more than a repository for Asian American objects. The museum is a living archive and Fay was the face of the archives and the steward of our community history when she was Director. Fay personified the past and future of Chinatown and despite her title of ED, she was the person in that small office on 70 Mulberry that greeted us whenever we stood at the doorway and made each of us feel welcomed and valued as a participant in the process of honoring the past. Thank you Fay.
Nancy Maasbach
Thanks for letting me share on behalf of the current Board and team. Here is a link to Fay’s oral history: http://ohms.mocanyc.org/viewer/viewer.php?cachefile=2015_048_002_1593004398.xml
Fay was the reason Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) came to Chinatown to support the CHM. In Fay's typical way, she made me feel lucky to be given the opportunity to support a worthwhile cause so important to the Chinese New Yorkers. She was so passionate about Chinatown, that she kinda forgot to ask me for the money! She continues to bring people together. Good to see many folks from the good ole days.
Nancy Bulalacao
As a person who has loved MOCA for many years, I’d like to say thank you for this look into Fay’s beautiful profound life…a contextualization of our community and a reminder of what a life can be and how one can touch countless others through their work and passion.
“Gone from our sight, but never our memories. Gone from our touch but never our hearts. “ We will deeply miss you. Thank you to all for the Celebration of Life for Fay
A beautiful memorial celebration for a truly remarkable woman. Karl, Amy, Bevis, Miles & Family - sending you all so much love. Keep all of these incredible memories close to your hearts. She will always be with you, your guiding light, your angel.
Ron, I thought you were related to Fay! That's the only reason why I got Anheuser-Busch to give to Wing Luke! Just kidding, Great to see you....
Becky Hom
Heartfelt sympathy to Karl and Amy as we all miss her presence.Everyone in this program has provided a wonderful portrait of the many faceted, multi-talented,generous Fay. Grateful to MoCA for recording Fay’s story that can be watched widely as it brings her back to the way we remember her in her smart, inclusive, warm and always welcoming best.
Betty Hawks
My condolences to the Chew & Matsuda families. Much appreciation for all the remembrances and photos of Fay, highlighting all she accomplished, yet retaining her close ties to family, friends and community. It was during the early establishment of Basement Workshop (well told in Lillian's stories) that I met Fay (and Lillian) in 1971 while I lived in Chinatown for my last college semester, more interested in volunteering at Basement Workshop, Bridge Magazine, via Rocky Chin, and community organizing than being on campus along the Hudson. Like quite a few of us, we both were products of immigrant parents and Chinese hand laundries (memorialized by MoCA), trying to figure out next pathways after college. We both went to grad school, but I left for CAL after the first health fair in Chinatown, eventually heading east again to DC for a career in DHHS. I think I saw Fay just a few times in early trips back to NY, but heard about her work from friends. So genuine, so warm, smart. She touched us all. Betty Lee
Blanche Leung
Thank you, Amy and Karl, for sharing your wonderful Fay with the rest of us. Such a beautiful soul and an honor to know her. She will live in our hearts forever.
Bob Hsiang
Beautiful tributes. Fay’s legacy lives on through her friends, family and colleagues. We are fortunate to have known her. - Nancy and Bob
Nancy Maasbach
Yeah! Hunter sisters! hchs ’90!
Brenda Tong
My favorite memories of Fay involved our mutual love of food when we both worked at Hamilton Madison House. She was so many things to so many people. The list of Fay's accomplishments are lengthy and it's been a privilege to hear everyone's stories. However, I think what we'll all remember is her kind heart and generous spirit.
Yeah! Fay, May, Rose.... all Hunter Girls... '70's!
Stan & Sharon Mark
Fond memories her and her work at HMH in the late 1970s where we at AALDEF started the first legal clinic for Chinese workers and tenants in the LES and Chinatown. I served on the board of CHP and MoCA while she was ED. She was a beloved community person always ready to give and work with and for the best in all of us.
Betty Wong
Thank you Amy and Karl. This was such a wonderful tribute to Fay. I will miss her.
fabiana chiu
Thank you Ron, if museum directors were social workers (like Fay) or journalists, like you, the museum field would be so much better! Fay, as a manager was soooo good. I will never forget that the first time she left the museum, she left us with a budget surplus! Museum directors often leave their posts with deficits. Not Fay!
mei crain
An honor to have known Fay, a life well-lived
Mari Miya
I went to Hunter with Faye, same class though we had no classes together so I didn’t know her that well during our years there. Then my mom, Monica Miya, got to know Fay because she had married Carl Matsuda who was the son of one of my mom’s good friends. My mom admired and enjoyed spending time with Fay so through my mom, I kept up with Fay’s accomplishments. Fay and I got together after our one of our reunions and kept in touch sporadically. She was a special person, so accomplished but humble, so compassionate but practical, so proud of her family - Carl, Amy, then Ben and Miles. NYC is better for all she did, we are all better for knowing her. We will miss her smile and the light she brought to the world. Thank you for this lovely memorial and for all the amazing tributes to a remarkable person.
Thank you for the Home Girl, Toisan, Goofy stories!!!!!
Shaun’s iPhone
What a wonderful tribute. Aunt Fay will always be in our memories.
Maeling Wong
Amy and Karl, what a FULL life; the slideshow was breathtaking. My condolences 🙏
Mishael Perez
Truly a wonderful memorial for a beautiful soul who touched so many. A message to Fay from Margarita, "Thank you for all of the love over the years, I am truly grateful for all of the help and kindness you've shown me." and from me, "Some of my favorite memories at the senior center were just sitting around listening to Fay talk about history and culture and having all these great snacks she'd bring. Such a great person to work with and for!" ♥️♥️♥️
Annie Wang - AALDEF
My deepest condolences to the Chew and Matsuda families and Fay's close friends. I was fortunate to get to know Fay when she was director of MOCA and I reached out to her on behalf of the American Immigration Law Foundation to explore mounting the Golden Venture exhibition at MOCA. Thanks to all who shared their loving and beautiful memories of Fay. She'll be missed by so many across different walks of life!
Melissa Enright
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the memorial for Fay - located here: www.faychewmatsuda.com
Thank you, Karl and Amy for sharing Fay with all of us for so long. Though she's gone, she left us enriched and taught us how to be better people. She gave us so much. I will forever remember the times she and I would call, gossip, joke and plot when we were both leading Chinatown non-profits. Fay always gave wisdom, cheer and a sympathetic ear. I hope I can continue even 1/10 of Fay's fabulousness. She was truly the Woman Warrior! <3 -the other Amy Chin
June Jee
Going to miss you, my friend, my mentor, my "sister". My deepest condolences to Karl & Amy & family.
Adrienne Davis-Prothro
A beautiful tribute for a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing this celebration with her HCHS friends.
Bob Takashi Yanagida
So sorry for the great loss to family and friends. She showed me courage in the early ‘70s inlacing the Confucius Plaza struggle for jobs. She was willing to risk her freshly minted professional degrees in a campaign with many risks. She had vision.
Mieko Merle
Love Iz ending music!
Susan Yung
My first roommate in Lil'Italy on the corner of Houston & Elizabeth Sts. She became Chinatown's dedicated social worker after her stint at Basement Workshop, a once Chinatown community arts center during the late 70s & 80s. Also, she co-founded, AAFEE (Asian Americans for Equal Employments) during the Confusius Plaza demonstrations in 1974. She is profiled in my documentary "Democracies in Chinatown: 1974-1994" Her speech @ 25:00 had influenced my life career for equalities.
Having moved on in order to pay rent, utilities, & bills as single careerist in finding specialized skills in the arts. So, after traveling around the world in 90 days as photographer and videographer in LES to document further the Asian American experience in NYC
judi hoffman
Karl and Amy and family
Carolyn Antonio
Gratitude and love.
Sincerest and Deep Condolences from Mott Street. Fay's soul is still wonderful and warm, always will be!
Barbara Chang
Thank you for all the shared photos and memories. We will remember Fay and continue kwhat she has accomplished. Love to Karl, Amy, other relatives and friends.
Emma Liu
<3 great job Amy - love you
judi hoffman
Lovely, wonderful memorial. Loved it! Thank you.
Liz Young
Thank you Karl and Amy for this beautiful gathering for us to remember Fay, She was truly a loving spirit who lived her values and dreams. Hello Lillian, Tien, Toyo, and so many of us who met in the early 70s to find our selves, our voice and our truth. Peace, Liz Young
Thank you for this wonderful tribute! She was a classy, elegant, smart , fun gal. We went to Hunter High together and worked together on the 50th reunion. We will miss her. Love Roseann Needleman
Vivian Leung-Herel
our birthday group will cheers to you next April! Gimlets all around. love to Amy & Karl
Mary Lui
Many thanks, Amy and Karl for this beautiful celebration of Faye. I am forever grateful that I had the good fortune to work with Fay. The most thoughtful and caring boss I’ve ever had and a true inspiration, mentor, and friend I was lucky to have. Will miss her very much! Love to you both!!!
Thank you, Amy and Karl, for this beautiful remembrance of Fay. I send you deep condolences and also from the Asian American Arts Alliance, where we hope to carry on her incredible spirit for the community. Lots of love
Richard L
Deepest condolences. Very nice memorial. I will miss but keep Fay in my heart!
Joy Luangphaxay -Hamilton-Madison House
We were so blessed to have Fay our lives. Her spirit and a passion will live on. She will be truly missed.
Mai Cheng
Amy - Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories of your mom with us. Our thoughts and love are with you and your dad, Bevis and Miles.
Tony Chin
this is a beautiful remembrance and a celebration of a beautiful soul. many thanks for having this. Karl and Amy, my prayers to you and the family.
Heidi Rain
feel honored to have been able to learn so much about the amazing Fay Chew as I knew her from HCHS. deeply moving memorial
D Fujita-Rony
Thank you Karl, Amy, and your family, for sharing Fay with us. I first met Fay when she worked at the Chinatown Health Clinic, and also worked at the museum with her. I remember her great kindness and joy, and her fierce dedication to social justice. Many thanks for your beauty, Fay.
thank you Amy , Karl , family & friends for today’s celebration of life for an extraordinary woman & friend ,
Fanny Chin
Karl & Amy: Thank you for the beautiful memorial.
This memorial is so beautiful and the perfect way to honor Fay’s full life. Sending Amy and Karl lots of love.
Janice McGuire
Thanks, Karl and A privilege to join all of you. Beautifully done - and great memories. Thanks,, Janice
Zoey Rutherford
What an absolutely beautiful memorial for an absolutely incredible life. The photos and tributes were so touching. Love to the Chews and Matsudas. Fay was an incredible human being!
so grateful to know and be blessed by Fay and to join all you today. thoughts and prayers to you karl and amy.
Amanda Hasler
I'll continue to feel connected to Fay through Rose and May. Thank you for this beautiful tribute.
Laura's iPad
thank u K & A it was great to see everyone! and Tien spoke! lol
Linnit Lawton
A beautiful to Fay. Thank you for sharing such great memories. I was lucky to have known her and will miss her very much. My condolences to Karl and Amy.
Hong Shing Lee
Goodbye, Fay.
Patricia Zuroski
There is no way to measure the loss of someone so loved beginning with her family and rippling out to friends and colleagues. So sorry for your loss, Karl and Amy, and so grateful for your generous sharing today that honored all that Fay did to bring us together in community today. I didn’t know Fay well as a classmate at HCHS, but am forever grateful that we were in touch for reunion planning and beyond. A wonderful person who has preserved history to which my family is also connected. Thank for this time to be with you in spirit.
Karl and Amy: Thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful, beautiful memorial to remember Fay and to share these wonderful memories with all of us. She was certainly such an inspiration to her family, friends and community! I couldn’t stop crying but felt privileged to know she was in the lives of so many people and will forever be remembered! Audee