Celebration of Life for Mary Jane De Genaro - Shared screen with speaker view
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Gail, Matt & Maggie Connell | Speaker
what is the meeting id?
Matt DG & Alexa Lee
968 9514 7313
Maryann Malinconico
I just remembered hearing, from MJ, that in the late 1960’s, she was the first woman in Greenwich to go braless! (This is her niece, MaryAnn).
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
I love that, MaryAnn. I remember her going braless...
Oriel Hiser
that sounds like her
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Mahler's 2nd Symphony
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Pam Maffei McCarthy had to leave and was going to share this in the open conversation - she wasn't the usual piano teacher.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
I took piano lessons from Mary Jane -- but we didn't spend much time playing the piano. Decades later she said, "You didn't have any natural talent -- your sisters had some -- but not you."  She did try, but maybe she decided early on that she could teach me other things. My main memory is of sitting on that piano bench talking, talking, talking.  What did we talk about? Everything -- as others have said, she always tackled the big subjects. And what I learned from her was big. She taught me that you don't have to be like everyone else. She taught me that maybe it's good not to be like everyone else. She taught me that you should just be whoever you want to be. In Greenwich in the 1960s, that was radical.  She taught me that being intensely curious is better than being blasé.  And she taught me that there is no end of things to explore in this world. These are really the most important things you can teach a child, and I'll be forever grateful for that.
Maryann Malinconico
Didn’t she used to play piano with Peter Duchin?
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Miffy? Do you know?
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
she could also make a good pie crust.
Mary Maffei
I honestly don’t remember but it sounds right!
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Here's a link to a longer photo album if you're curious. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FjfZ2h9RvYZmLmgA7
Jim Waterman | Speaker
I just love these photos - they just scream Mary Jane!
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Look at the longer one too, Jimmy!
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Jim Waterman | Speaker
Been at the site a couple of times, so awesome.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
oh good.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
It was a group project.
Jim Waterman | Speaker
Thank you for doing this, a really great way to share her life. would have liked the face to face to hug and console, but this is a pretty good alternate.
Oriel Hiser
i'm grateful that i'm able to attend in thus format
Oriel Hiser
Anne Callachan
What a beautiful tribute to Mary Jane! She will be missed!
Maryann Malinconico
I am going to share the site with second cousin chuck since his mother, first-cousin Lois, is in some of those pictures.
Maryann Malinconico
Jim, Sorry to hear about Dot. Was just emailing her a week ago!
Mary Maffei
Your mother would be so proud of you for this wonderful memorial and the website! I see her up there on a cloud looking down with a huge smile on her face!! xoxo miffy
Jim Waterman | Speaker
Can you tip th ecamera up just a little?
Jim Waterman | Speaker
Thats good
Jim Waterman | Speaker
Love that photo, saw the one with the 3 sisters lounging beneath it.
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thanks. Lovely to see you all!
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Sally - come to the vamily room
Abigail Neave, VJB
This is beyond my technical capabilities! Sending love to everyone, big hug to Gail, Leslie and Sarah. xxx
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Thank you for coming, Abigail.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
I loved your CARD
Rafael DeGennaro
I'd forgotten about her sailing. Mary Jane once told me, "The secret of life is knowing when to tack." Good one.
Rafael DeGennaro
Really like Sara's story of shipwreck and Mary Jane.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Rafael, are you staying to join the family room?
Rafael DeGennaro
Joel and I will miss her. Such a fun memorial just like Mary jane. I especially loved seeing what amazing adults you have become ladies. . Barbara and Joel
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Hi Barbara!
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Thank you for talking about your visits to Sarasota.
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
I remember you being my eye doctor, right?
Sarah Bloomer | Speaker
Please join us in the family room.
Maryann Malinconico
Hello DeGenaros! My husband, Larry Malinconico’s, paternal grandmother was a DeGenaro from West Haven, CT. George thought they might be distant cousins!
Gail, Matt & Maggie Connell | Speaker
Liza Kerrigan
Liza Kerrigan’s email: bluestudio.91@gmail.com
Matt DG
She's on FaceBook
Matt DG
Matt DG
Let's talk about MJ
Alexandra Stevens
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