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Andrea Arnwine
This was such a beautiful way to remember Al. Our best way to describe Al is that he was the “real deal”. No pretense, ALWAYS warm and true blue! It is hard to believe that he is not with us!. I remember the last time I saw him, I was so jealous because he had lost so much weight and looked so great! We will always remember him as our children are 2 months apart! He made those early birthday parties so fun. We will treasure the memories forever! The Arnwines
Nick Offord
Thank you for putting this together. He was one of the best humans beings I’ve ever met. I’m honored to call him a friend and a mentor. Thank you Al.
Christopher Jenkins
Sending deep respect and love to Al’s family and friends. He is a part of all of us - Peace
Just the warmest and most wonderful man. We followed Al everywhere he went because the stage never felt complete without him. I am grateful to have gotten the chance to watch him work, but far more so for the opportunity to get to know him aa a human being.
Al had such integrity and such heart. He believed in people and believed in kindness. He didn’t live in fear. He lived in love and was grateful and generous. He couldn’t love his family more. He was so in love with his wife and proud of his daughter. He made everyone feel they were special. Because he “saw” people. I am so grateful to have known Al. He is integral in the way I look at my whole world….He showed me that you could be 100% invested in your work and 100% invested in your family. He showed me that love is boundless and having boundless love is a precious joy.
Chris Henze
We were lucky enough to have Al work on our show PSYCH for several years. We were honored that it tickled him and he always made it known to us what a fan he was of our silliness. He made us feel accomplished, as he was often our first “audience” after we had finished assembling an episode. A wonderful man, with a huge heart, who loved his work. We loved him right back and always will.
Assoc. Prof. David Bondelevitch (He/him/his)
I could talk forever about how funny Al was, but the first time I realized what kind of person was, he brought a half empty box of dog bones and plopped it in the client area before they got there. I of course thought he was joking and said, “Is this what we feed clients now?”He started to reply, and then broke down in tears like Tommy Kirk at the end of Old Yeller. He ran off the stage. I asked Mark what that was all about.Al’s dog had died, and he offered the client the half empty box of biscuits. That’s when I saw the man he was. Not just an animal lover, but one who hated seeing food go to waste.
Richard Branca
We were so blessed to have the opportunity
Renee Rubio
Sending much love. Thank you for inviting us to attend. Jen and Al and Casie often joined us for many a xmas eve celebration. Over the years he met all of my family members and my family often commented on how nice it was to spend time with Al. he is remembered as being a wonderful conversationalist. A good listener and a fabulous story teller. Our hearts go out to our dear friend Jen and beautiful Casie. We love you and are here for you. Wishing you peace and comfort.
Sophie Dalrymple
There was never a shortage of good food with the deckers
Chris Cheramie
I definitely think I’m a better person for having known Al. I’m a better person for our long conversations, he made me better at my job through HIS work, but most of all I’m better off because of that GIANT laugh. Even now, I can’t think about Al and not smile. I love and miss you buddy. My heart goes out to you Jen and Casie.
Shaun Cassidy
Sending love and gratitude to the entire Decker family for sharing Al with those of us fortunate enough to have worked with him. He was a fountain of humor, honesty, and humanity, all much needed tonics in those often dark rooms with network and studio execs breathing down your neck. He was a joy to work with and know and I will miss him deeply.
Andrea Arnwine
Jen and Casie, you are in our hearts and looking forward to a hug and chat! If there is anything we can do, we would be honored to!
Richard Branca
We were so blessed To have known Al ,the loss will be felt for years in this industry his mentorship would have transformed the business for the up and coming..
Joe Birkman
My fondest memory of Al was how welcome he made me feel as I started working with him and Nelo at Universal.
Vince Balunas
I miss my friend and co worker, there will never be another like him. I don’t think I will ever be so lucky to work an energy like him. I could tell 100 stories about him but I don’t think I would make it through without crying. I love you buddy.
Beautiful song Casie! Well done. Al was the best neighbor to us for 20+ years. So many great memories of living next to each other and becoming friends. I will miss passing beer and BBQ over our side wall and helping each other with whatever we needed. You will be missed, my friend.
Mary Dariano
Sending all of my love to all of the Deckers. Al was a great guy who was loved by so many! I am grateful for visits with him during the holidays, we both liked to talk about television and I looked forward to hearing about his latest projects. He had a way of making me feel important- he was immensely kind-and I loved him for it. It’s a huge loss for everyone who knew and loved him! Thanks for this wonderful memorial and letting me be a part of it! God bless, hugs and prayers? Mary Dariano
So many experiences shared tonight are same as my own with Al. Such a quality person. Genuine, warm and friendly to all. His work was always amazing, but it was his humor and honesty that made him a fantastic friend and peer. I will miss catching up with him, hearing about family / work and the laughs that would ensue. Truly a profound loss. Thank you for including me this evening. Much love to the Decker family and to the friends here tonight. Ed Carr
Joe DeOliveira
Jen and Casie. I just want to let you know how much I miss Al now and will going forward. He was such a great person to know and work with. I would hope to be as great as he was in making everyone feel comfortable when working in the intense setting of final mixes. It was such a pleasure to work with him during those times. And it was great to get to know you both as well. Though we haven’t seen each other in too long, you are close in my thoughts. Love Joe DeOliveira
Words can never really express the sadness that Melissa and I feel for the loss of Al. His personality was larger than life. His love of life and those in his circle was tangible. I had the pleasure of working with him for 10 years on Homeland and many other projects. Not only was he a wonderful work associate, but I was proud to call him and Jen our friends. He was a wonderful human being who will be greatly missed!! We are still in shock that such a good soul is no longer among us. But, know that he is still with us and we will always carry him in our hearts. Our deepest sympathies to Jen, Casie and the entire Decker family. Much Love, Shawn and Melissa Kennelly
Thank you for including me in this celebration of Alan’s life. I am so honored that I got to work with him through the years, and for the laughs we shared and the kindness he always showed me. I always looked forward to going to the dub stage knowing no matter how bad the day was, his big hug and smile would make everything better. He had such a love for life that was infectious. He made everything better, especially the mix which as a result we never had to note ;-) I remember how proud he was when Casie was born and we continuously swapped stories and pictures as our children grew up through the years. There is a gaping hole that will never be filled. He was taken way too soon. Someone said we need more of Al in the world, and it is true. The world was a brighter place because he was in it. My heart is with you during this hard time. I will miss him dearly, but I know he is still with you and all of us in each laugh and smile and memory. You have my deepest sympathies. XO Cynthia Stegner
Vince Balunas
I bought that plugin cause of Al!!!!!!
Julie Herlocker
Al was truly one of the kindest humans I’ve ever known. It’s something I think anyone who ever had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with him would feel. His generous spirit, his joy for life, his love for everyone and his absolute ability to always see the best in people … well, we were all blessed to have spent time with him. He gave us so much light and love that I feel like we can carry his beautiful energy with us forever.
Kami Asgar
Thank you for this, we all are so fortunate to have been touched by Al.Loved him and miss him so much!
Jef Scott
Thank you for inviting me.It is an honour.
drew anderson
Al had that amazing ability to lighten any and every room he entered like nobody else! no matter how good or bad you felt of yourself Al always always made you feel like you were the king of the world. I knew Al for basically his whole life, and he had this amazing ability his entire amazing life!!! we'll miss you brother, and never never ever forget you!! love you!!!
Mathew Waters
Just want to say thank you for this. As everyone hs said, Al was a great infectious man. I never worked with Al, but we are both mixers and we would see each other at events. He came up to me, introduced himself and started complimenting me on my work. I, of course knew Al’s work and told him so, but I would never have looked for him to introduce myself to him, and I am so glad that he did that with me and we were friends ever and supporters ever since.
Marla McGuire
Miss him so much!
Lindsey Rantzow
I remember as a teen, I was in the car with him and Casie and we started talking about music and I told him that I had just discovered Alanis Morrisette and we talked about the music I was listening to for the entire car ride. He was such a wonderful person and I am so grateful to have been able to call him my uncle! <3
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Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for ALAN DECKER - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/alan-decker/6481
Brian Magerkurth*
Love you Al
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Sue Cahill
Such a lovely tribute to Al. He made everyone feel like the most special person in the room. I would stop by his stage in the morning to visit, just so I could start my day with a smile. My last text from him was “we will luncheon when it gets back to normal!” Wish we could. My deepest condolences to Al’s family.
Suzy Dalrymple
Jen and Casie, lenny and I are going to miss Al so much. He was so special to our family. We love you and hope to see you both very soon.
Jolynn Dariano
What a beautiful celebration of Al’s life! It was wonderful to be a part of it and to hear all of the stories! God Bless you all! Prayers for you all! Love, Jolynn
Kirsten Smith
Al, just a lovely human being. Will be missed so much. Much love to the Decker family.
Amber Carvaly | GatheringUs
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Jamie Wheeler
Thank you for this, it was such a great tribute to Al. I will miss him so much and am very sad that I will not have the pleasure of working with him and seeing his cheerful face on the mix stage. Condolences to Jen, Casie and the rest of his family. Miss you, Al.
I will never forget….miss you Al
Thank you for sharing this time with all of us. Jen and Casie this was beautiful and my heart goes out to both of you and his family. Al was so special and as you can see here tonight…his impact on so many people will continue forever. I’ll miss him and hope to be able to see you both when the world allows us to once again. I will stay in touch! Sending my love to you both and the biggest virtual hug I can muster up!!
Kevin Spears
It was my pleasure to know Al. It was only a couple years but he made a big impact in my life. I will miss him and our talks about family, life and work.. Jen and Casie my heart goes out to the both of you.
Amber Carvaly | GatheringUs
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Wendy and I only met Al and his family once, but it was such a pleasure to attend this memorial event and hear the great stories about how Al touched so many lives with love, friendship, knowledge, and more. We like to extend our deepest condolences to Al's family, especially our dear friend, Phil.
Thank you all so very much for honoring my brother-in-law, tonight. You have given me so many more wonderful memories to hold on to and to keep him closer. It makes me so happy to know how loved he was by so many.
April Nocifora
Al was an amazing soul. He had such a big heart. I will remember his jokes and bear hugs most of all. To Jen and Casie and the family, I’m so so sorry. My heart hurts for you and for all of us who have lost a dear friend.
Mark Lanza
Thank you for the invitation. Al made me feel so comfortable on the stage. I was nervous on the stage with a big show and big personalities… and Nello. ;-) He calmed me down and I focused on the task at hand and we made great art while having a good time doing it. We even won an HPA award together. It was always fun running into him and Jen at industry events. You could hear him coming and he always carved out some time to talk to me. With hundreds of people in the room, it felt like it was just the two of us talking for a while. He was bigger then life and will be missed.
Thank you to the family for including us all in this memorial. So very well done. All our hearts are with you. All was a great guy. Loved by all.
Kathy O'Connell
Thank you for hosting this beautiful memorial. Al was the kindest, most wonderful friend to have. I felt lucky to be in his life. He once told me that he knew he took up a lot of space in a room. And we are all lucky to have been in those rooms because they were the ones filled with the most joy. I miss him every day. With much love to all. Kathy O’Connell
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Thank you all for joining us this evening. Please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for ALAN DECKER - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/alan-decker/6481