Celebration of Life for Margarida Zumwalt - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa | GatheringUs
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Suzanne Green | GatheringUs
Title: O bleibe, Herr (Abide With Me)Verse 1.O bleibe, Herr, der Abend bricht herein.Bald ist es Nacht, o laß mich nicht allein.Wenn alles flieht, wenn jede Stütze bricht:Du, der Verlaßnen Hort, verlaß mich nicht!Verse 4.Und bricht mein Aug, so führ mich heim zu dir.Weis durch das Dunkel mir des Himmels Tür.Die Schatten fliehn, hell strahlt dein ewig Licht.In Tod und Leben, Herr, verlaß mich nicht!
Suzanne Green | GatheringUs
Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott (A Mighty Fortress is Our God)Verse 1Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott,ein' gute Wehr und waffen;er hilft uns frei aus aller Not,die uns jetzt hat betroffen.Der alt' böse Feind,mit Ernst er's jetzt meint,groß Macht und viel Listsein' grausam' Rüstung ist,auf Erd' ist nicht seinsgleichen. Verse 3Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel wär'und wollt' uns gar verschlingen,so fürchten wir uns nicht so sehr,es soll uns doch gelingen.Der Fürst dieser Welt,wie sau'r er sich stellt,tut er uns doch nicht;das macht, er ist gericht't;ein Wörtlein kann ihn fällen. Verse 4Das Wort sie sollen lassen stahn,und kein'n Dank dazu haben:er ist bei uns wohl auf dem Planmit seinem Geist und Gaben.Nehmen sie uns den Leib,Gut, Ehr', Kind und Weib:laß fahren dahin;sie haben's kein'n Gewinn,das Reich muß uns doch bleiben.
Suzanne Green | GatheringUs
The Lord’s Prayer in German:Vater unserVater unser im Himmel,geheiligt werde dein Name.Dein Reich komme.Dein Wille geschehe,wie im Himmel so auf Erden.Unser tägliches Brot gib uns heute.Und vergib uns unsere Schuld,wie auch wir vergeben unsern Schuldigern.Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung,sondern erlöse uns von dem Bösen.Denn dein ist das Reich und die Kraftund die Herrlichkeit in Ewigkeit.Amen.
Melissa | GatheringUs
At this time, we open the space for guests here today to share a memory. This can be a story or memory that makes you smile or is special to you.If we were all together today this would be like raising your hand and passing the microphone around the room. There are two ways to raise your hand. To use the Zoom feature, click on participants and the raise hand icon will appear on the bottom left of the participants panel. Or, if your video is on, we invite you to do this the old fashioned way and wave your hand in the video. Our staff will call on you by name and ask you to unmute your microphone.You can also share here, in the chat. The chat will be shared with the family as a virtual guestbook.
Suzanne Green | GatheringUs
My sister Gretli was always concerned about her siblings, Verena and me.She took her role as older sister very seriously and helped wherever she could. Beautiful memories remain unforgotten.1948: From her first salary as a teacher - about 300 francs - she generously gave us siblings 10 francs each.Later she accompanied me to a summer vacation stay with a family in the French-speaking Bex, Canton Vaud; we went partly by train, the last stage by bicycle through vineyards down and along Lake Geneva to Bex.We used the stopover at Chillon Castle for a swim in Lake Geneva. I was amazed that my sister dared to change in the open air in public, something I would never have thought she could do.Such experiences with Gretli will always remain in my memory. For me, she was the best sister I could have wished for.
Patsy Velasquez
Hello everyone my name is Patsy and it was a pleasure meeting Margarida she was an angel to me everyone says that I was an angel to her but I was bless meeting her meeting her children they all treated me like family I’m from Texas and I was all here alone in California and she made me feel like if she was my grandmother our favorite moments where in the dining room in the restroom and when she was going to bed we did talk sometimes in her chair but she would never let me leave without telling her good night she was worried about me and I was worried about her and we had a connection like we had met for ever I did not know how important I was till her last moments she told me that she was really grateful that I was there and She gave me a kiss and told me she loved me 🥺 and I enjoyed her like if she was my grandma I didn’t have any grandparents they all died when I was young She will always be in my heart and mind and she will always be my angel and I will always be grateful for my new brother and sister
Patsy Velasquez
Fran, Barbara and Jim i have poor connections
Traci Zwibel
On behalf of her students at Granite Hills, we take her with us everyday with her teachings. She is cherished and will be missed.
Melissa | GatheringUs
Thank you all for sharing today and please continue to share your memories on the GatheringUs memorial for Margarida - located here: https://www.gatheringus.com/memorial/margarida-zumwalt/8523
David Sharpe
Beautiful, beautiful Celebration of Life for Margarida!
Wonderful. Kathy and Polk Dillon
Thanks to you for sharing the life of such a wonderful woman.
James Zumwalt
Love you all, and well said to all. -James
Beautiful service, love to all we miss you!
Russ Fochler
Thank you Jim, Fran, Barb - and all who shared! I’m deeply moved by the stories and your hearts.
A beautiful tribute. I loved Aunt Gretli so much. You are all in my prayers and I’m so glad we were able to celebrate your moms life this way.
Patsy Velasquez